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Athletic Lifestyle Destination for People who are Dedicated to Living a Fit Lifestyle And love Fashion.


Who Are We ?

Team MGactivewear is a group of dynamic individuals from field of fashion with passion for fitness. We aim to be the Best Online SportsWear Store for Athletes. 


What is MGactivewear ?

MGactivewear is a Trusted Online SportsWear Store made for Serious Athletes and Health Conscience People looking for True Performance Sportswear and Accessories to enhance their Physical Performance and Express their Individuality. 


Why did we start ?

Founder of and Ex-Googler , Mr Arif Khan realized that the sportswear market is hoarded by few top corporate brands and on the other hand cannibalized by low quality counterfeit market. The lack of consumer choice and personal bad experiences are the problems which drove him to launch a Trustworthy Online Sportswear Store MGactivewear. Team MGactivewear fills the Gap in the Fitness Wear Market by searching Iconic Fitness and Innovative brands with strong emotional connect with athletes from around the world and bring them together on our website. Team MGactivewear thanks The Swedish Fitness Group ,  Better Bodies Fitness Brand ,  Hardcore Gym Wear Gasp Official and L'urv Luxury Sportswear in partnering with us for our launch. 



How are we better ? 

MGactivewear is One Stop Online Shop for Quality Fitness , Work Out and Gym brands gathered from LA to Melbourne for all Athletes. 

Customers can buy with Trust on MGactivewear , as all products listed are instock and procured directly from Reputed International Sportswear brands with Strong Industry Presence and have been tested and promoted by International Athletes. 

MGactivewear management believes in market transparency and delivers the original products at your doorstep at same or lower prices than the brand reatail price.

MGactivewear is Strategically Based in United Arab Emirates , which is considered to be one of the most Advanced and Central Logistic Hub in the World. This allows MGactivewear to ship orders fast to Europe , Arab world and APAC region. 

So customers can Shop With Confidence multiple Sportswear brands in a single platform with conveniences such as Dedicated Customer Support , Easy Checkout and Fast Shipping. 

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