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Optimize your weightlifting sessions with MG Activewear's top-notch Weight Lifting Accessories. From lifting belts to gloves and wrist wraps, our collection ensures a safe and effective workout. Shop online in the UAE for durable and comfortable gym accessories designed to elevate your performance. Fast Shipping to UAE - Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Al Ain , Sharjah , Ajman , Ras Al Khaimah

Wrist Wraps | Elbow Wraps | Knee Wraps | Heavy Duty Gym Gloves | Lifting Grips | Lifting Straps | Nylon Lifting Belt | Compression Socks

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Might&Glory Weight Lifting Grips

Might&Glory Weight Lifting Grips! Designed to give you a GRIP LIKE A GORILLA at the gym. Target your working muscles better with anti slip grip support made with durable rubber. Reduces Grip Fatigue so you can lift more without worrying or struggling to hold on the weights. Excellent for Powerlifters , CrossFit and Bodybuilders . Easy to wear and remove between sets.
AED 80.00

Might&Glory Wrist Wraps Essential 45 CM

Solid Wrist Support for heavy weight lifting especially Bench Press and pushing weight lifting exercises. Might&Glory Wrist Wraps are must have for every Powerlifter , Bodybuilder and CrossFit Athlete. Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Elastane . Features: hook & loop fastener, elastic thumb-loop .
AED 65.00

Might&Glory Elbow Wraps | 150 CM

Boost your bench press performance with Might&Glory Elbow Wraps, designed for unparalleled elbow support. Perfect for weight lifting, powerlifting, and heavy lifting, these wraps provide stability, reduce strain, and enhance your strength training. Material 80% Cotton 20 % Elastic . Features Velcro Fastener with loop making it easy to wear .
AED 80.00 AED 120.00

Might&Glory Knee Wraps | 200 CM

Solid Compression Knee Wraps With Velcro Fasteners | Knee Support For Powerlifting and Heavy Squats . Squat without annoying knee pain with Might&Glory Knee Wraps ( Sold in Pairs ). Material 80% Cotton 20% Elastic . Features Velcro Fastener for quick and easy wear.
AED 100.00 AED 140.00

Might&Glory Bodybuilding Belt | Pure Buffalo Leather

Genuine Bodybuilding Leather Belt with beautiful hand craftmanship | Solid 8 MM Thickness with 4inch Width for back support | Strong Grade Metal Bukle | Sleek Emboss MG Logo | Black on Black Stitching for Pure Look | Unisex Design Suitable for Men and Women.
AED 160.00 AED 225.00

Might&Glory Knee Sleeves 7 MM | Powerlifting

Knee Support Sleeves Designed For Heavy Weight Lifting | Power Lifting Knee Support | Made With Neoprene 7 MM Thickness . Whether you're performing squats, deadlifts, or leg presses, Might&Glory Knee Sleeves 7MM offer the support you need to lift heavier weights safely and effectively.
AED 160.00

Might&Glory Knee Sleeves 5 MM | Function Training

Knee Support Sleeves For Gym Training | CrossFit Knee Sleeves | Neoprene 5 MM Thickness offer optimal compression . Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to peak performance with Might&Glory 5mm Knee Sleeves, the ultimate companion for your functional training and CrossFit endeavors.
AED 140.00

Might&Glory Elbow Sleeves Pro 5MM

ELBOW SLEEVES | COMPRESSION ELBOW SUPPORT | 5 MM THICKNESS | GYM ACCESSORIES. Compression Elbow Sleeves made with high grade neoprene material with 5 MM Thickness. Elbow Sleeves provides added stability , compression and improved blood flow around the elbow joints .
AED 120.00


Introducing Might&Glory Gym Gloves – the ultimate choice for bodybuilders. Crafted with premium leather and breathable mesh, these gloves offer exceptional durability and comfort. Designed to enhance your grip and protect your hands during intense workouts, Might&Glory Gym Gloves are your perfect gym companion for achieving peak performance. Scroll down to overview section to see features in detail.
AED 110.00 AED 160.00

Might&Glory Lightweight Nylon Belt for CrossFit and Functional Training

Might&Glory Nylon Gym Belt - Superior Core Support for Optimal Performance Experience unmatched core support with the Might&Glory Nylon Gym Belt, designed to outperform traditional bodybuilding belts. Crafted from extremely strong and durable nylon, this belt is built to endure your most intense workouts for years. The innovative quick-release fastener allows you to easily tighten the belt before a working set and release it afterward, ensuring comfort and preventing any discomfort. Lightweight and versatile, the Might&Glory Nylon Gym Belt is perfect for both bodybuilding and CrossFit enthusiasts. Tested By IFBB PRO ATHLETES In U.A.E
AED 135.00

Might&Glory Powerlifting Lever Buckle Belt - Power Lifter

POWERLIFTING BELT | LEVER BUCKLE BELT | PREMIUM BUFFALO LEATHER | 10 MM THICKNESS . Discover the Might&Glory Powerlifting Lever Buckle Belt - Power Lifter in sleek ALL BLACK. USPA Approved and crafted from premium 10mm thick buffalo leather, this adjustable weightlifting belt delivers unparalleled support and durability. With a new and improved heavy-duty steel lever, achieve maximum compression and strength during lifts. Perfect for serious lifters, this belt comes with a one-year warranty for added confidence. Check our sizing chart for a precise fit – measure your true waist size and elevate your powerlifting game with Might&Glory. Order now for the ultimate lifting experience!
AED 365.00

Might&Glory Power Lifting Lever Buckle Belt 10 MM | BEAST MODE

POWER LIFTING BELT | LEVER BUCKLE BELT | 10 MM THICKNESS | CORE SUPPORT . PREMIUM 10MM THICK SUEDE POWERLIFTING LEATHER BELT: Our power lifting lever belt features 10mm thick, solid, exclusive genuine leather. Our weight lifting power belt is finished with top quality, fine suede providing non-slip surface. The 10mm thickness provides the maximum amount of support you will ever find while still providing good flexibility.
AED 250.00 AED 295.00


If you are shopping at MG Activewear then you know that you are a serious about weight lifting and want to perform to your maximum potential . It's YOU versus IRON so you need to armor up and get ready for your daily battles in the gym. Weight training with a shedule means that you will be hitting compound moves such as bench press , dead lift , squats and many other variations that are going to tax your joints. In order to protect your joints from repetitive strains and compressions MG Activewear suggests the following supportive wear that you must have in your gym bag. 


Push Exercises for upper body is considered as pressing movement away from body such as bench press , military press and others that put a compressive (downward) force on your wrist. With increased repetitions and heavier load many athletes experience acute wrist pains. 


Wrist Wraps are specifically design to add extra support on the wrist to keep them strong position during the exercise. Thus reducing chances of injury. The wrist wraps come in variety of Stiffness to match the athletes weight lifting requirments. 


  • Soft Support Wrist Wraps For Lighter Weights and higher rep sets. 
  • Medium Support Wrist Wraps For Intermediate athletes.
  • Super Stiff Support for Power Lifters and Bodybuilder who are looking to perform MAX lifts. 


Pull exercises for upper body refer to pulling movement towards the body such as dumbell rows , pull ups , cable pull down , bent over barbell rows and dead lifts. Due to fatigue or over loading of weights athletes often fail their grips or start to pull extensively from their biceps instead of their target muscle. This can result in non performance of exercise and in some cases bicep injuries. 


The Wrist Straps adds extra grip around the bar , or dumbell while reducing the strain on your biceps. This allows the athlete to perform and target the actual working mucle without extra pressure on bicep nor failing due to loss of grip mid set. The wrist straps come in variety of thickness to match the needs of athlete.


  • Flat Wrist Straps for lighter support for beginners. 
  • Thick and Heavy Wrist Straps for Advanced powerlifter for max PR.


Training legs is dreaded and painful as it is , adding acute knee joint pain into the mix and soon you will be skipping leg day. Our knees take a beating over the years and once you hit 30 plus you start feeling the wear and tear. That is why knee wraps are extremely important people with knee pain and also for young guns who think they are bullet proof ! It is wise to keep the pressure of the joints even if you think that you have strong knees. By securing and protecting your knees during heavy spuats , leg press and leg variations you are increasing the longevity of your knee joints. 

We encourage to use our strong quality knee wraps to add stability and compression to help you safely target your working muscle with reduce pressure on joints. At MG Activewear we offer two variation of knee support based on type of training and athletes preferences

  • Knee Wraps - These are elasticated wraps that tie securely around the knee and fasten them just before the working set. The athlete can adjust the level of compression to suit his requirment of soft or stiff support based on amount of load being lifted.Once the set is completed it is better to unfasten or loosen the wraps to ensure blood flow. 
  • Knee Sleeve - These are compressive sleeve normally used by crosffit athletes who wear them around the knee like socks. They offer added compression around the knee for complete duration of the workout.


Lower back pain is a very common injury at the gym due to poor core stability and hyperextention.Weight Lifting belt helps reduce lower back pressure and increase intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). The weight lifting belt is used during upright lifts such as deadlifts , squats and over head presses to protect against hyperextension of lower back. It is highly recommended to wear a good quality weight lifting or power lifting belt when you are lifting medium to heavy load.