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Custom Sportswear Orders in UAE

Custom Orders for Sportswear in UAE

Source International Quality Sportswear in UAE and Gulf


Team MGactivewear is product of Textile Manufacturing Industry and offers International Standard Sportswear Product Development right here in UAE. Take advantage of our Designers , Sourcing and Product development team in UAE and Hit your target prices with optimized product development. We offer complete service with our specialzed sportswear designers based in Europe and in UAE and our factories in China , Taiwan and Sri Lanka.


Business Convenience


Enjoy Ultimate Business Convenience with Single Window Service from Design Development , Sampling , Production, Warehousing, Customs and Transaction within UAE. Our team will take care of all complete Design Development with Experience Designers , Souricing Fabrics / Trims , Sampling , Production , logistics and door delivery.




Let us give you a snapshot of our working process to ensure transparency and achieve quaility standard products.

1. Design Phase :

Our team will learn about your Brand / Product Requirments based on activity , Functions and other specifics. We discuss fabrics , key design features and fashion elements.Based on specific accquired from customer , We send the information to our partnered experience Sportswear Designers in Europe , who are working with International European Brands. They will convert the brief into a collection range for customer review and feedback. Upon feedback and approvals our designers create Technical Design Packs which acts as blueprints for production.

Technical Packages act as part of the contract for production as it outline specifics of garment production and offers customer greater transparncy on what to expect in final product. Technical Package includes all details such as design , construction , and materials used .This is a very important stage to achive International Quality Standard Product such as Addidas , Nike and Others.

2. Development Phase

Also known as Sample phase , it is stage where we connect with factories and create a physical sample piece from the technical pack. The process helps experience touch , feel , and fit of the product. It also allows us to correct and make any required adjustments to ensure quality product at target cost.

3.Production Phase

Customer now has complete understanding of quality , cost and capabilities of our sourcing. Upon approval we notify our partnered factories to go ahead of production under our monitor.


We manage complete logistics and custom clearance to our warehouse in UAE. We offer customer to pick up goods locally with inhouse inspection before pick up.Any issues found in consignment can be resolved with in our warehouse in UAE.