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Crafted with premium-quality materials, our weight lifting wraps and sleeves offer exceptional durability, comfort, and compression. The wraps provide added support and stability to your wrists and joints, reducing the risk of strains and sprains. The sleeves offer targeted compression to muscles and tendons, enhancing blood flow and reducing fatigue during intense lifting sessions.



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Might&Glory 7MM Knee Sleeves Pro | Neoprene | Black

Might&Glory Knee Sleeves, specially designed for bodybuilders and powerlifters who demand the utmost support and protection during their intense training sessions. Crafted with the highest quality neoprene material, these knee sleeves offer unparalleled durability and comfort. What sets the Might&Glory Knee Sleeves apart is their rigorous testing by IFBB PRO Bodybuilders in the UAE. These elite athletes have put these knee sleeves through their paces, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. With their stamp of approval, you can trust that these knee sleeves will withstand the toughest workouts and provide the support you need. Whether you're performing heavy squats, lunges, or any other lower body exercise, the Might&Glory Knee Sleeves are designed to provide optimal compression and stability. By reducing strain on your knees, they help prevent injuries and promote faster recovery.
AED 139.00 AED 200.00

Might&Glory 5 mm Knee Sleeves Pro | Neoprene | Black

Might&Glory 5mm Knee Sleeves provide compression and warmth during and after a workout. Our neoprene compression sleeves can help reduce knee strain, knee pain, and discomfort without restricting your range of motion. These powerlifting knee sleeves are designed in UAE. For sizing and to find your perfect fit, check out the size chart. Sold in Pairs
AED 109.00 AED 180.00

Might&Glory 5 mm Elbow Sleeves Pro | Neoprene | Black

Might&Glory Elbow Sleeves, the ultimate choice for bodybuilding and powerlifting enthusiasts. Crafted with top-quality neoprene material, these elbow sleeves provide unparalleled support and protection during intense workouts. Engineered for durability and performance, these sleeves have been rigorously tested by IFBB pro bodybuilders, ensuring their effectiveness in enhancing your training sessions. Whether you're pushing your limits in the gym or competing on the stage, these elbow sleeves will give you the confidence and stability you need to excel.
AED 99.00 AED 160.00

Might&Glory Gym Gloves With Strap | Genuine Leather

Experience the superior benefits and functionality of the Might&Glory Genuine Leather Gym Glove with wrist strap and heavy-duty stitching. Designed to elevate your weightlifting sessions, these gloves offer exceptional support, comfort, and durability. Here's what sets them apart: Premium Quality Leather: Crafted from genuine leather, these gloves provide a superior grip, ensuring optimal control over your weights. Enjoy a secure hold that boosts your confidence during lifts and enhances your overall performance. Enhanced Wrist Support: The integrated wrist strap offers added support and stability, reducing the risk of wrist injuries. Adjust the strap to your desired level of tightness, providing a customized fit that helps you maintain proper form and technique. Durability for Intense Workouts: Built with heavy-duty stitching, these gloves are designed to withstand the demands of intense training sessions. Enjoy long-lasting performance and reliability, ensuring your gloves stay intact even during your toughest workouts.
AED 160.00

Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps - Black/Gold - 200CM

Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps: Boost your heavy lifting game with these premium knee wraps. Designed for ultimate support and protection, they are perfect for powerlifters and bodybuilders. Get the stability and confidence you need during squats and other intense leg exercises. Order your Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps today and take your performance to new heights!
AED 160.00 AED 230.00

Gorilla Wear Wrist Wraps PRO | Black/Gold

The Wrist Wraps Pro are here to help you through your toughest workouts. These unisex wrist wraps provide additional support to your wrists during exercises and prevent injuries. They ensure the correct position of the wrists, reducing pain and discomfort. Thanks to the Velcro closure, you can decide how tight you wear them and they will fit any wrist. The elastic loop around the thumb keeps the wrist wraps from shifting during movements. They are made of high-quality stretchable materials and feature a rubber Gorilla Wear logo. The Wrist Wraps Pro are 8 centimeters in width and 45 centimeters in length.
AED 99.00 AED 150.00

Might&Glory Powerlifting Wrist Straps | Black Red

Stronger grip with weight lifting straps – These Might&Glory lifting straps are designed to give you a stronger, more stable grip over an Olympic lifting bar when doing dead lifts, or barbell rows . Offers excellent grip support for powerlifting and heavy weight training . Material : 100% Cotton Canvas Foam Wrist Padding
AED 59.00

Might&Glory Wrist Wraps Strong Support | Army Green Camo

Might & Glory Powerlifting Wrist Wraps, the ultimate accessory for serious powerlifters. Designed to provide maximum support and stability, these wrist wraps are perfect for heavy lifting sessions, ensuring your wrists stay protected and injury-free.
AED 79.00

Better Bodies Lifting Straps | Black

Lift heavier weights – build more muscles! The Better Bodies Lifting Straps are made out of a durable cotton canvas that has been supported with wrist pad cushions for extra comfort and wrist protection. They have an adjustable hand loop with reinforced stitching and an extended length that makes it possible for you to wrap the bar multiple times. Durable cotton canvas lifting straps Adjustable hand loop with reinforced stitching Extended length (60 cm) – wrap the bar multiple times! 3,8 cm wide Wrist pad cushions for comfort and extra protection Material: 100% cotton straps with neoprene padding Length: 60 cm Width: 3,8 cm
AED 60.00

Better Bodies Leather Lifting Straps | Yellow

High quality lifting straps with a high comfortability. They are made out of 100% cowhide leather for a robust feel and a great durability. With Better Bodies Lifting Straps you can lift heavier weights and get better results from your hours at the gym. Strong and durable lifting straps Improves your grip during heavy lifts Made out of 100% cowhide leather Material: Cowhide leather Size: One size fits all
AED 90.00

Better Bodies Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps by Better Bodies offers stability and protection to wrist joints during pressing movements. Features: 13,5 inch, rigid, thumb loop to assist in putting the wrist wrap on. Select the stylish Camo Combo you like. Available colors Dark camo and Dark Green Camo. Material: 60% Polyester, 40% Rubber
AED 100.00

Gorilla Wear Women's Lifting Grips - Pink

Gorilla Wear Women's Lifting Grips in Pink . With this perfectly, high quality, mixed, pink and black lifting grips you will never lose your grip anymore! They offer the best protection during your work outs. The two grips are signed with the Gorilla Wear logo. Lift your grip! It's time to show the people that you are a member of the GORILLA WEAR Family. Protect your palms against callouses and maintain your grip when lifting. They offer the best protection during your work outs. The two grips are signed with the Gorilla Wear logo. Color: Pink Quality: 70% rubber, 30% polyester One size
AED 150.00