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MIGHT&GLORY Weight Lifting Nylon Belt | ARMY GREEN

Nylon Gym Belt Designed in UAE . Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt For Functional Training , Weight Lifting and Bodybuilding . MG 4 Inch Nylon Lifting Belt reduces stress on the lower back and prevents hyper extension while heavy lifting. The pressure of the belt supports the lower back and stabilizes the spine. Additionally, wearing a lifting belt makes you more aware of the correct posture during exercises. The belt is made of high-quality fabrics and is finished with a large MG logo. It feels soft to the touch which is pleasant during movement and exercises. The buckle and Velcro closure can handle any challenge. The MG Training 4 Inch Nylon Lifting Belt has an excellent fit, provides optimal comfort, and lets you lift without worry!
135.00 (AED)