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Might&Glory Weight Lifting Grips

Might&Glory Weight Lifting Grips! Designed to give you a GRIP LIKE A GORILLA at the gym. Target your working muscles better with anti slip grip support made with durable rubber. Reduces Grip Fatigue so you can lift more without worrying or struggling to hold on the weights. Excellent for Powerlifters , CrossFit and Bodybuilders . Easy to wear and remove between sets.
AED 80.00

Might&Glory Wrist Wraps Essential 45 CM

Solid Wrist Support for heavy weight lifting especially Bench Press and pushing weight lifting exercises. Might&Glory Wrist Wraps are must have for every Powerlifter , Bodybuilder and CrossFit Athlete. Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Elastane . Features: hook & loop fastener, elastic thumb-loop .
AED 65.00

Might&Glory Elbow Wraps | 150 CM

Boost your bench press performance with Might&Glory Elbow Wraps, designed for unparalleled elbow support. Perfect for weight lifting, powerlifting, and heavy lifting, these wraps provide stability, reduce strain, and enhance your strength training. Material 80% Cotton 20 % Elastic . Features Velcro Fastener with loop making it easy to wear .
AED 80.00 AED 120.00

Might&Glory Toiletry Bag | Gym Pouch XL SIZE

Extra Large Size Toiletry Bag or Gym Pouch to carry your essentials . The MG Gym Pouch – your ultimate companion for seamless organization and effortless style in and out of the gym. Crafted with precision from premium leather-lookalike fabrics, this hand carry pouch is designed to cater to the needs of serious athletes, ensuring you never have to juggle your gym essentials again.
AED 60.00 AED 90.00

Might&Glory Power Lifting Lever Buckle Belt 10 MM | BEAST MODE

POWER LIFTING BELT | LEVER BUCKLE BELT | 10 MM THICKNESS | CORE SUPPORT . PREMIUM 10MM THICK SUEDE POWERLIFTING LEATHER BELT: Our power lifting lever belt features 10mm thick, solid, exclusive genuine leather. Our weight lifting power belt is finished with top quality, fine suede providing non-slip surface. The 10mm thickness provides the maximum amount of support you will ever find while still providing good flexibility.
AED 250.00 AED 295.00

Might&Glory Power Lifting Lever Buckle Belt 10 MM | IRON MASTER

POWER LIFTING BELT | LEVER BUCKLE BELT | 10 MM THICKNESS | CORE SUPPORT . Unleash your strength with the Might&Glory Power Lifting Lever Buckle Belt 10 MM | IRON MASTER. Our USPA Approved 10mm lever belt, made by athletes for athletes, boasts premium 10mm thick suede leather for maximum support and flexibility. The heavy-duty steel lever provides unmatched compression, and the 4" height ensures ultimate core stabilization. Built to last with a one-year warranty, this powerlifting belt is for serious lifters ready to conquer new heights. Size wisely using our chart; order now and elevate your lifting game!
AED 250.00 AED 295.00