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Vooray Sidekick | Crossbody Bag

Simple minimalist design crossbody bag by Vooray. Features interior zip pocket , interior elastic card slots and durable metal clips. See the bag in action (video below in overview).Available in 3 color variants.
80.00 (AED)



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What are the benefits of wearing Weight Lifting Belt?


There are two main reason you should wear a gym belt if you are a lifting weight at the gym. Wearing the correct gym belt reduces stress on the lower back and thus reduce the chances of getting a sore lower back after training. It does this by creating Intra-abdominal pressure as it compresses the abdominal cavity. In simple terms it creates a stable and solid core while lifting in upright position.


Secondly, when you wear a weight lifting belt it makes you aware of your posture. The belt prevents back hyperextension by forming a rigid wall around the lower torso, connecting the rib cage to the hip. This not only limits back movement, but it also prevents sideward bending and twisting.



When should I wear my lifting belt?


You can wear gym belt during weight lifting session. Depending on the load and difficulty of exercise you can tighten or loosen the belt accordingly. We highly recommend wear gym belt during intensive compound exercises such as Squats, Dead Lifts, Military Press and other Olympic lifts.


What are the different types of weight lifting belts?


As you know different people in the gym have variety of preferences based on their needs and training techniques. Below is a list of type of belts we carry:


Nylon Belt


This is a light weight and flexible belt with Velcro fastener. It offering fair stability with added flexibility (over leather belt). This belt is great for training which involves speed such as Tabata, Crossfit and other body pump exercise routines. The belt can be worn through out the workout without the need to un tie during rest period.


Prong Leather Belt


Bodybuilders prefer a prong style leather lifting belt with thickness of 7 MM as it offers a stronger compression than nylon belt. Furthermore, the athlete can set the level of tightness from time to time through out the workout. This belt is mostly popular for Bodybuilding Style Training.


Powerlifting Lever Buckle Belt


Powerlifting belts come thickness from 10 MM to 13 MM. This offers higher level of compression of abdomen. The belt features a steel quick lock / release buckle, this allows the athlete to tighten the belt to hit the heavy lift and then quickly release the compression once the set is over. This belt is mostly used by Power Lifters or Power Bodybuilders during heavy compound lifts.


Buy the gym belt that suits your lifting style at MG Activewear in UAE.