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Might&Glory Weight Lifting Grips

Might&Glory Weight Lifting Grips! Designed to give you a GRIP LIKE A GORILLA at the gym. Target your working muscles better with anti slip grip support made with durable rubber. Reduces Grip Fatigue so you can lift more without worrying or struggling to hold on the weights. Excellent for Powerlifters , CrossFit and Bodybuilders . Easy to wear and remove between sets.
AED 80.00

Might&Glory Lifting Straps Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Straps | Made For Heavy Deadlifts and Powerlifting . Unlock your true lifting potential with our Heavy Duty Lifting Straps, meticulously crafted for powerlifting and heavy deadlifting enthusiasts. Engineered with durability in mind, these straps are designed to provide unparalleled support and grip, allowing you to focus on maximizing your lifts without worrying about grip fatigue.
AED 59.00

MIGHT&GLORY Wrist Straps | Snow Camo

LIFTING STRAPS | IMPROVE PULL STRENGHT IN GYM | DEAD LIFT WRIST SUPPORT | WEIGHT LIFTING ACCESSORIES . MG Light Weight Lifting Straps, your reliable ally for achieving those extra reps and pushing your limits during every workout. Designed with ease of use in mind, these lifting straps provide the perfect support for lighter loads, making your lifting sessions more efficient and comfortable.
AED 39.00

Gorilla Wear Lifting Straps - Black

LIFTING STRAPS | IMPROVE PULL STRENGHT IN GYM | DEAD LIFT WRIST SUPPORT | WEIGHT LIFTING ACCESSORIES . The Gorilla Wear Lifting Straps offer protection and support to your wrists. Due to the extra length of 56 cm, the extra width of 4 cm, and the thickness of 0.5 cm, more wraps can be made, increasing the grip on the tie bar. Made with extra sturdy stitching and yarn, ensuring that the straps don't wear quickly. One size fits all.
AED 150.00