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Might&Glory Knee Sleeves 7 MM | Powerlifting

Knee Support Sleeves Designed For Heavy Weight Lifting | Power Lifting Knee Support | Made With Neoprene 7 MM Thickness . Whether you're performing squats, deadlifts, or leg presses, Might&Glory Knee Sleeves 7MM offer the support you need to lift heavier weights safely and effectively.
AED 160.00

Might&Glory Knee Sleeves 5 MM | Function Training

Knee Support Sleeves For Gym Training | CrossFit Knee Sleeves | Neoprene 5 MM Thickness offer optimal compression . Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to peak performance with Might&Glory 5mm Knee Sleeves, the ultimate companion for your functional training and CrossFit endeavors.
AED 140.00

Might&Glory Elbow Sleeves Pro 5MM

ELBOW SLEEVES | COMPRESSION ELBOW SUPPORT | 5 MM THICKNESS | GYM ACCESSORIES. Compression Elbow Sleeves made with high grade neoprene material with 5 MM Thickness. Elbow Sleeves provides added stability , compression and improved blood flow around the elbow joints .
AED 120.00

Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps - 2m - Black/Red

KNEE WRAPS | HIGH GRADE KNEE COMPRESSION | KNEE SUPPORT | GYM ACCESSORIES . Elevate your fitness game with Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps - 2 meters. Unleash superior Knee joint support and stability during intense Squats and leg workouts. Crafted for performance, these knee wraps are designed to enhance your training sessions. Shop now and experience the next level of strength and confidence in every move. Color: Black/Red , Quality: 70% elasthan, 30% polyester
AED 240.00

Gorilla Wear Lifting Straps - Black

LIFTING STRAPS | IMPROVE PULL STRENGHT IN GYM | DEAD LIFT WRIST SUPPORT | WEIGHT LIFTING ACCESSORIES . The Gorilla Wear Lifting Straps offer protection and support to your wrists. Due to the extra length of 56 cm, the extra width of 4 cm, and the thickness of 0.5 cm, more wraps can be made, increasing the grip on the tie bar. Made with extra sturdy stitching and yarn, ensuring that the straps don't wear quickly. One size fits all.
AED 150.00