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Gorilla Wear Lifting Grips - Black

The Gorilla Wear Lifting Grips offer you the best control during a workout. These grips provide support and protect your hands and wrists when lifting the barbell.
109.00 (AED)

Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps - 2m - Black/Red

Looking for good support for your knees during intensive training? Then use these Gorilla Wear Knee wraps for solid support! These wraps are often used in all kinds of sports that release loads of strength like knee training.
109.00 (AED)

Gorilla Wear Wrist Wraps BASIC Black

This set of two Gorilla Wear wrist wraps protects your wrists while exercising. A wrist wrap captures the forces that come true during intensive training such as martial arts, strength training, and CrossFit.
59.00 (AED)

Gorilla Wear Hardcore Lifting Straps - Black

The Gorilla Wear Hardcore Lifting Straps provide support for grip and make every training more intensive due to the possibility to use heavier weights.
75.00 (AED)

Gorilla Wear 4 Inch Nylon Belt

The Gorilla Wear 4” Nylon Weightlifting Belt is an affordable, dependable option for gorillas of any shape and size! Much thinner and lighter than a traditional leather weightlifting belt, our Nylon Belt still provides firm, stable support of the abdominal region and lower back, helping you get the most out of your workouts.
109.00 (AED)

Gasp Knee Wraps | Flame

If you are squatting heavy on a regular basis then you need to protect your knee joints. Knee wraps by Gasp Official adds stability and compression which generate power with good rebound . To learn more how to use it , see the video below in overview.
179.00 (AED)

Gasp Power Wrist Straps | Black / Yellow

Weight Lifting Wrist Straps By Gasp Official .They come in pairs and are hooked around your wrist through a loop. You can see the demonstration (video below in overview) of how to use wrist straps by IFBB Pro bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson.
118.00 (AED)

Gasp Wrist Wraps | Flame

Weight Lifting Wrist Wrap By Gasp Official .Wrist wraps by Gasp Official offers enhanced support and superior stability of the joints during all lifts . The Wrist Wraps are made with high quality stretch compression fabrics with velcro fasteners to wrap and protect your wrist during heavy weight training. The wrist wraps are sold in pairs. See Video Demonstration Below in Overview.
89.00 (AED)

Buy Wrist Straps by Pro Bodybuilding Brands Gasp Official & Gorilla Wear in UAE. Wrist Straps are used to increase your grip on the bar during heavy pulling movement such as deadlifts , Rows or Pull ups


Buy Wrist Wraps by Pro Bodybuilding Brands Gasp Official & Gorilla Wear in UAE . Wrist Wraps help protect your wrist joints and avoid compression on heavy bench press , shoulder press or other pushing excerises


Buy weight lifting belt by Pro Gym brand Gasp Official and Gorilla Wear in UAE . Protect your lower back while heavy lifting in the gym with proper weight lifting belt securly fasten around your lower back . Wear the belt during squats , deadlift and other heavy weight lifting training. 


Buy Glute Resistance Band by Better Bodies in UAE . Resistance bands are excellent to activate your glutes without the need of heavy weights . Resistance Bands are safe to use anywhere and at anytime . Be sure to add Resistance Bands in your Gym bag.