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Discover a wide range of high-quality activewear for bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, gym training, and more at MG Activewear. Shop online for premium fitness apparel, including gym wear, sports accessories, and more. Elevate your workouts and achieve your fitness goals with our stylish and performance-driven activewear collection. Free shipping with cash on delivery available in UAE.



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Gorilla Wear Athlete T-shirt 2.0 | Black White

Introducing the Gorilla Wear USA Football Athlete T-shirt, the ultimate choice for athletes who seek both style and performance. This collaboration between Athlete T-shirt and Gorilla Wear brings you a t-shirt that combines a loose fit and oversized design with a range of features to enhance your workout experience.
AED 220

Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps - Black/Gold - 200CM

Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps: Boost your heavy lifting game with these premium knee wraps. Designed for ultimate support and protection, they are perfect for powerlifters and bodybuilders. Get the stability and confidence you need during squats and other intense leg exercises. Order your Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps today and take your performance to new heights!
AED 230


MIGHT&GLORY introduces PREMIUM BUFFALO LEATHER 10 MM with 4 inch height in ALL BLACK . Look SUPREME and maintain a SOLID CORE for POWER LIFTING , HEAVY WEIGHT LIFTING and BODYBUILDING. The Genuine Buffalo Leather belt features Black " Power Lifter " Embroidery . The tightness is adjustable by positioning of Quick Release Steel Buckle. There are 13 holes one inch apart offering wide range of buckle positioning. See the Size chart and below information to select the right product.
AED 320 AED 365

Gorilla Wear Troy High Tops | Black Gray - Bodybuilding Shoes

Bodybuilding Shoes by Gorilla Wear . The Troy High Tops are designed for workouts and everyday wear. These unisex shoes offer maximum support and protection during heavy lifting but are also very comfortable for everyday use. Quality: Upper material: 90% cow suede & 10% mesh, Outsole: 100% rubber
AED 465 AED 525

Gorilla Wear Hybrids | Black Brown - Unisex Gym Shoes Designed For Functional Training and Weight Lifting

Gorilla Wear Gym Shoes Designed For Functional Training and Weight Lifting . The shoe provides targeted support and stretches through a soft breathable mesh exterior with extra rubber support on the critical areas. Additionally, the soft heel clip ensures rearfoot stability and protection of the heel. The outsole of the shoe is approved for both gym and outdoor workouts. The lifted foot midsole goes along with the anatomy of your feet providing greater stability and a firm stand. The high spring EVA insoles come with high-density foam for powerful movements
AED 355 AED 420

MG Pro Elbow Sleeves | 5MM

MG Pro Level Elbow Sleeve for weight lifting , bodybuilding and power lifting. Elbow sleeves adds extra stability and compression to protect your elbow joints from overuse and inflammation from gym training. Made from High Grade Neoprene Material with MG logo ! Sold in Pairs . Made By Team MG.
AED 136 AED 160

MG Pro Knee Sleeves | 7MM

Set of 2 Knees Sleeve for weight lifting and Crossfit training are made with high quality 7mm High Grade Neoprene to protect your Knee joints from over exertion. Add extra protection around your knee joints to strengthen against joint fatigue and injury during heavy training on leg day . Maximize your gains while minimizing injury risk with high quality gym accessories at MG Activewear. Buy online today.
AED 170 AED 200
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