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"Unleash Your Power With Heavy-Duty Performance Wear Rigorously Tested By Pro UAE Bodybuilders."



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Gorilla Wear Classic Workout Top | Loose Fit

Gorilla Wear Classic Bodybuilding Workout Top - Loose Fit for ultimate comfort and unrestricted movement during your workouts. Made with high-quality materials, this top ensures durability and features a timeless design with the iconic Gorilla Wear logo. Elevate your fitness game and order yours today!. Printed with the logo on the front. It's time to show the people that you are a member of the GORILLA WEAR Family where you can choose between the colors Army Green, Red, White, Navy, Gray and Black.
AED 210.00

Gorilla Wear Water Jug 2.2L - Black

Gorilla Wear Water Jug holds a whopping 2.2 liters to help you with that! You can easily carry it with you thanks to the handle or the cord at the neck. The water jug is equipped with a screw top and flip-top. This means you don't have to unscrew the entire cap every time you want to drink, but it still remains easy to fill it. It flaunts a big classic Gorilla Wear logo. The Water Jug 2.2L is break-proof, leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and non-toxic (BPA-free & DEHP-free). Note that it is not suitable for hot liquids.
AED 70.00

Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps - Black/Gold - 200CM

Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps: Boost your heavy lifting game with these premium knee wraps. Designed for ultimate support and protection, they are perfect for powerlifters and bodybuilders. Get the stability and confidence you need during squats and other intense leg exercises. Order your Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps today and take your performance to new heights!
AED 160.00 AED 230.00

Might&Glory Suede Leather 10 MM - 4" Lever Powerlifting Belt - Heavy Duty | Black Red

Lever Belt Designed & Product Developed in UAE . MIGHT&GLORY Lever belt offers maximum core support for POWER LIFTING , HEAVY WEIGHT LIFTING and BODYBUILDING. The Belt features Genuine Suede Leather with Quick Release Steel Buckle and High Quality "HEAVY DUTY" Embroidery . You can adjust tightness of belt by positioning of buckle with screws, there are 13 holes for screws one inch apart. The Thickness of belt is standard 10 MM and 4 inch height. Please see size chart to select your size.
AED 295.00

Might&Glory 5 mm Elbow Sleeves Pro | Neoprene | Black

Might&Glory Elbow Sleeves, the ultimate choice for bodybuilding and powerlifting enthusiasts. Crafted with top-quality neoprene material, these elbow sleeves provide unparalleled support and protection during intense workouts. Engineered for durability and performance, these sleeves have been rigorously tested by IFBB pro bodybuilders, ensuring their effectiveness in enhancing your training sessions. Whether you're pushing your limits in the gym or competing on the stage, these elbow sleeves will give you the confidence and stability you need to excel.
AED 99.00 AED 160.00

Might&Glory 7MM Knee Sleeves Pro | Neoprene | Black

Might&Glory Knee Sleeves, specially designed for bodybuilders and powerlifters who demand the utmost support and protection during their intense training sessions. Crafted with the highest quality neoprene material, these knee sleeves offer unparalleled durability and comfort. What sets the Might&Glory Knee Sleeves apart is their rigorous testing by IFBB PRO Bodybuilders in the UAE. These elite athletes have put these knee sleeves through their paces, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. With their stamp of approval, you can trust that these knee sleeves will withstand the toughest workouts and provide the support you need. Whether you're performing heavy squats, lunges, or any other lower body exercise, the Might&Glory Knee Sleeves are designed to provide optimal compression and stability. By reducing strain on your knees, they help prevent injuries and promote faster recovery.
AED 139.00 AED 200.00
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At MG Activewear, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality products tailored to the unique needs of individuals engaged in bodybuilding, Cross-fit, MMA, and various other fitness pursuits. Our extensive selection includes performance-enhancing sportswear, top-notch weight lifting accessories, and stylish and functional gym bags designed to complement your active lifestyle. Our Brands include Gorilla Wear , Better Bodies , Gasp Official and Might & Glory in UAE. 

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