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Best Bodybuilding Clothing Brands in UAE

Best Bodybuilding Clothing Brands in UAE


 3 Minutes Read. 

In this blog article I am going to mention five best bodybuilding clothing brands. The list is made with individual preferences and your opinion can differ. I have tried to use factors such as brand history , branding and product line to create the ranking below. Take a quick 3 minute read and maybe you will find some new bodybuilding brands to try. 


Gasp Official 

Gasp Official

Gasp Official is a Dallas Texas Based Bodybuilding Clothing Brand with high attitude. The brand has received an Elite status as it has been sported by Top Bodybuilding Athletes of all time. Their clothing line is very unique and resembles the look and feel of old school bodybuilding from the Classic Arnold days. “GASP products are always made with No compromises and treated by hand, to give it a unique and individual look.” 


Apart from iconic clothing line , Gasp brand thrives on passing forward bodybuilding knowledge and attitude. That is why Gasp Official is considered No.1 Bodybuilding brand .


Better Bodies 

Better Bodies Fitness Wear Brand

Better Bodies is a strong New Yorker gym brand started in 1980’s by avid photographer and gym owner Brian Moss. Better Bodies grew as bodybuilding grew in the 80’s on the back of upcoming bodybuilders. “All the notable bodybuilders and serious fitness celebrities of that era visited Better Bodies when they were in town; Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates…” 


Today Better Bodies is poised as one of the most elite fitness brands in Europe and USA. They have propelled in fashion and fabric technology to produce styles that are high in fashion with strength in performance. Better Bodies is a go to choice for Gym athletes around the world. Better Bodies is available world wide.

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Under Armour

Project Rock by UnderArmour

Under Armour is considered a generic sports brand focussing on large format retail. But I have included them in the list because of their recent partnership with Ex WWE wrestler and Hollywood Action Star Dwanye Johnson . 


The Rock “Dwanye Johnson” is currently one of the most influential movie stars in hollywood and has a strong instagram following 160 million follower. So no wonder his pull power is extremely strong. 


The Rock has partnered with Under Armour and has released bodybuilding inspired clothing line name project rock . This line includes shoes , clothing , headphones  and is selling strong worldwide . 


Ryder Wear Bodybuilding Brand

Ryderwear is an Australian bodybuilding brand with a twist of modern accents with classic fits . This gives Ryderwear the edge over other cookie cutter brands popping up in the market.Ryderwear branding is also very macho with touch of modern elements , which I really like and make the brand feel real. 


What really sets Ryderwear apart is their bodybuilding shoe collection. Designs are really strong and are made for the bodybuilding community . They are great for heavy lifting and add flair with your Street Outfit.  


Gym Shark Gym Clothing Brand from UK

GymShark is a controversial brand in the list. Many hardcore bodybuilders do not like the high street glossy branding of Gymshark . But the brand has made its mark in the UK and now in the USA with the tech savvy Generation Z.


Strong Social Media is core strength of Gymshark with countless profiles on twitter , instagram and youtube. They were the first gym brand to harness the power of social media influencers. 


The product line is standard with collection in seamless and regular gym wear. Personally I am not a big fan of GymShark .However , credit must be given to their strong business growth and achievements in such a short time. 



I always prefer brands with history , ethics and expression . That is why I believe that Gasp Official is one of the best bodybuilding brands nowadays . If you feel otherwise or have more brands to suggest then leave a comment below. 


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