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Bodybuilding Workout Guide For Chest

Bodybuilding Workout Guide For Chest

Most Complete Chest Workout Guide By Professional Bodybuilder Milos Sarcev

(20 minutes Video Guide)

Bodybuilding with proper technique and form will give great results and keep you motivated to keep on with your fitness goals.  It is very important to find correct information on the internet , as misinformation can cause you harm and injury for future. 


 That is why Team MG Activewear hunts down high quality bodybuilding content from authoritative sources in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. 

  If you are serious about training then Join Team MG Activewear , your athletic lifestyle destination. We would like to share with you the most complete chest workout guide by professional bodybuilder Milos Sarcev. 


In this chest workout routine Milos guides you through chest exercises such as   

  • Bench Press With Incline and Flat Variation

  • Dumbel Flies With Incline and Flat Variation

  • Chest Machine Press Isolation Movement

  • Cable Flies   With Incline , Middle and Decline Variation

Milos talks about correct training techniques to activate Mind and Muscle connection to achieve maximun contraction and results with lower weights. The Training hits all variation of chest such as upper , middle , lower , outer and inner chest to give you aestethic look and quality build.   

Key Take Away From This Routine Are :

1. Focus on correct elbow position and extend your chest outwards to maximise chest stretch and activation. 

2. Utilise Pause repetition with squeezing weight up with contraction instead of pushing it up with force. 

3. Working with angles will target different portion of chest such as upper , middle , lower , inner and outer. 

4. No Ego Lifting 


We hope that this chest workout will be useful for you and try to incorporate few tips in your next workout and feel the difference. 

If you find this post helpful please share it in your social network and pass on quality content. Leave your feedback below and register on for more information.

Source : The Fit Show by Milos Sarcev.

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