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Ladies Sportswear Guide

Ladies Sportswear Guide

Best Gym Clothes For Women 

For women that lift, finding the right gym outfit can be a challenging task. Sometimes selecting gym outfits to wear seems more exhausting than the workout itself. Stop Sweating in the wardrobe Ladies ! Check out our affordable women sportswear guide to help you exercise with confidence.

The fit team at MGactivewear Sportswear UAE together with Team Better Bodies Sweden have created the Best Women Gym Clothes Guide . Read on to know top 3 women gym wear essentials with great gym outfit shopping tips for women for sports bra , women sports tee , Sport shorts and leggings.

1. Premium Quality Sports Bra with Athletic Fit

Unlike conventional bras, premium sports bras are designed to give you a secure fit while you run, jump, and lift weights. An Athletic fit sports bra is important not only for performance but also to ensure a good posture for injury prevention. So check out our ultra posh range of sports bras that  will leave to feeling ready to slay your workout at mgactivewear.

Women workout t-shirts

2. High Quality Fitted and Breatable Workout T shirt

Giving your maximum effort to your workout is more mental than physical . You perform better when you look #STRONG in the mirror. Gone are the days of hiding behind oversized and baggy t shirts. Get attractive, fitted women sports tee’s that accentuate your edges and curves, and motivate you to give it your best.

Buy tip : Be an educated buyer when buying sportswear and look for key functional features in the product. Sports t shirts are expensive compared to normal t shirts. You are paying extra for a reason. So keep an eye out for functional properties such as Moisture wicking to keep you dry, Soft touch for comfort , Anti UV for outdoor workouts and Easy care for durability.

Women Workout Pants

3. Workout Leggings and Shorts 


Please drop those loud sublimation print leggings which are advertised as “perfect for all kinds of workouts”.  Most of them are printed on low quality polyester fabrics and are therefore neither effective as gym wear nor are they aesthetically pleasing. Selecting a bottom depends on the type of workout. If you are going to do a HIIT, long cardio or a heart pumping Spin session then we recommend sport shorts for high breathability. If you are gearing up for general gym workouts, weight lifting or yoga then functional gym leggings are a good option.


Buy Tip: Stay away from heavy sublimation print leggings. It’s best to look for styles made with sports fabrics, check how to wear gym clothes reviews online and see the size guide to find your fit. Once you #GetYourFit we recommend sticking to those styles and broaden your wardrobe by buying a variety of colours.Don’t be lured by discounts in gym wear .Invest some time and effort to hunt down those #SquatProof leggings . Check below indept review video about design and function of Better Bodies Leggings straight from the design team in New York .

Watch Our Guide to Buy the Perfect Workout Legging by Better Bodies


4. Visit Our Shop For Affordable Activewear Brands


MGactivewear is here to meet your needs to buy gym wear in dubai with ease. You can sit at home and browse high quality women gym wear online. The site has imported iconic gym brands from Sweden, Australia , USA and Taiwan. All gym wear are neatly organised in categories like Sports Bras , Women workout Tee shirt , Women Sports Shorts and Gym Leggings .