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Our Start Story - Message from the Owner

Our Start Story - Message from the Owner

Hello from Arif - Owner of .

(If you are trying to find me in the picture. I am the guy grinning behind Mr.Yellow :) FYI , The group standing in picture are world leading sportswear Manufactures producing from Nike to North Face , Adidas to lululemon , Reebok to Puma .)

This is my story about why I started the MGactivewear Store.

First of all , am I really the the right person to sell you fashion? The answer is absolutely no , I am a pathetic sales man. However, whatever short comings I have in sales , I make up in my technical skills , sourcing , work experience and chopping wood. (Chopping wood is some serious hard work , Killer Cardio workout).

Brief Background

I come from a 40 year old textile family business called Khwaja Exports Pvt Ltd. If your parents were in the US during 90’s -- the probability that they wore clothes from one of our factories is very high . We were the largest shirt suppliers to US big box retailers such as Target, Sears , K Mart , Wal Mart , C&A(Europe) and the list goes on .... Anyways lets not get stuck in the past . Times have changed with fashion and way people shop.

The Problem

Nowadays , business is so confusing ! As anyone from anywhere can post / sell anything right in the palm of your hand. There is so many brands mushrooming up , fancy photographs , photoshop, discounts , alibaba , aliexpress and countdown timers with popups. Barbie girls with cameras becoming business women selling you things that you dreamt of last night and go to sleep regretting you bought it the following night. The level of trust in clothing business has declined with people wasting their money to get bad experiences.

Pitfalls of internet

The value of store is no longer based on the quality of product and genuine people  , rather it is based on some hocus pocus meta tags and other ridiculous algorithms that google doesn't even understand ( By the way I worked for Google too, believe me they dont know whats going on , the machines are going to take over ;). The traditional stores are being destroyed by internet pop ups , discounters , seo , keyword bloggers and paid reviews.  

Be the change

It is time people of Textile Industry take back control from these IT freaks . That is the reason I started . On my website I personally assure you that all products and brands sourcing is done under my watch. I perform strict quality controls and ensure high quality sports wear to deserving athletes at right prices. You will find that all sports wear have special fabric functionality like DryFit , Moisture Wicking, Anti UV, Anti Piling , Organic Cotton , Sports Compression and Easy care .

Create an effective community system

I am not interested in selling you gymclothes. I want you to buy sports wear that will work for you. That is why I started #GetYourFit . Buy a T shirts , tank tops , shorts and tracks that you will use and feel good about it. Over time you will notice the content of the website getting fine tuned to tell you key information about product , use for it and body type matching. In addition , is connecting with certified fitness experts and trainers who can give expert advise to customers on using best suited gym wear and equipment for their workouts.   

Textile Information

Sports textile technology is fast paced with new innovations hitting the market . In order for to be on top I personally travel through out the year visiting trade shows and expos. My annual Expo itinerary consist of below trade fairs.


  1. Hong Kong Trade Exhibition - Fashion Sourcing
  2. Taiwan Textile Federation - Sourcing and VIP Buyer
  3. Intertex Sri Lanka
Regular industry travel keeps me aware of the latest textile technology and factories that can produce high quality sports wear. Whereas customer judge clothes quality by trying them on , I set clothes quality by selecting the correct factory and fabrics.


By now I hope you got an idea about my profile . I am sorry I cant do all that sales talks . My communication might be direct but its accurate .



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