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A complete guide to gym wear for men

A complete guide to gym wear for men

Are most guys still wearing those worn out t-shirts and discolored old sweatpants to the gym..? Guilty as charged! It’s time to shape up your gym fashion and look like a Pro with Team MGactivewear Sportswear style guide for the best gym wear for men.

A complete guide to gym wear for men. Fitness experts at team MGactivewear list down the right sportswear and gym equipment for guys to be gym ready and look great for workouts.This article provide useful link to shop and pro tips to buy the right fit for you. Read on....

1.Men Tank Top For Gym

Tank tops should be a staple in your gym wardrobe. They are a great buy as they are easy to grab and throw in the gym bags. Tanks are perfect for bodybuilders with broad shoulders and thick guns. They offer free movement for heavy lifts (like the overhead bar or dumbbell presses), pull ups and also on back days. Tank tops are ideal for Pro’s and Gym Bro’s who like to pose out quick shots in between sets.


Buy tip : Before you get going to grab a few pairs, take a breather and weigh your options. Tank tops come in a variety of cuts, fits and materials. While shopping online keep an  eye out for the fit type such as Slim, Regular and Loose. You’ll know which one to pick depending on Bulk or Beach season. When it comes to cuts, go for the T cut to spread out your lats and the Long cut to accentuate your V physique. Finally, read the fabric info to make sure the tank got some stretch so you stay comfy all the time.

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2.Men Sports Tshirt

As we’ve already said, chuck those baggy old tees out and pick up some cool fitted sports t shirts. When you’re buying a sports t shirt think of it as buying a sports car. The cost maybe a bit more but you’ll also know why. The Performance and Style is going to motivate you to put in those extra reps and feel like an athlete.


Buy Tip : Be smart and read the fabric material. Sports fabrics have functional properties like Moisture Wicking , Anti Odor , Anti UV and added stretch.So be sure you are buying the right stuff to get the desired performance for your extra buck. You got lots of online reviews on Social media so check them out and learn about the brands you wear to your workouts.

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3.Bottoms : men sport shorts & men Track pants

You got three options when selecting bottoms for your gym wear -  sport shorts, track pants and tights (Yes! Men wear tights too, just ask my man Tony Sentiment). Selecting the right bottom comes down to the work out activity and personal preference.


Shorts are great for high intense workouts like CrossFit, HIIT and complex bodybuilding movements. Shorts offer great breathability for intense workouts and zero resistance for weight lifting movements such as lunges, squats and deadlifts.


Tight’s are another great option if you are willing to dare in the gym. Slightly similar to shorts in their functionality, they are  also a great option for intense workouts because they are lightweight and have great stretch with compression. Compression Fit helps hold shape around your muscles for better blood circulation and faster recovery. Nowadays there is a trend to layer shorts on top of tights. It serves both aesthetic and functional purposes for Pro trainers at a gym.    


The final option is the laymans go-to bottomwear :comfy Tracks. These are fundamental in every work out wardrobe and great for mainstream workouts at the gym or jogging in the park. The down side to track pants is that they slip and slide at the waistband area during intense workouts and need constant adjustment.


Buy Tip : As Suggested before, look for functional properties and fabric specification, and make sure you get value for the money. If you are like me and prefer tracks over other bottom options, then find a good gym wear brands that have done research and made fixes to the basic problems. For example: Check out gym clothes reviews online and look for better waistband construction with added stretch and grip to give you superior hold.

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4.Compression Sport Socks

Sports socks play an extremely important role in performance. Your feet need attention and care more than anything else because they’re always packed inside your shoes during an intense workout. Sport socks, unlike the ordinary ones, offer breathability and special sport specific characteristics. There are a variety of brands that use functional fabrics with properties such as moisture wicking, anti odor and compression.


Buy tip :Go for latest sport technology compression socks. Compression level of  graduated 15 - 20 mmHg are suitable for mild to regular workout whereas we recommend graduated 20 - 30 mmHg for high endurance workout like long distance running and cycling. Compression wear is known for its beneficial aspects such as muscle hold, improved blood circulation, muscle recovery and injury prevention. Always check online reviews on social media to learn more about deciding on the correct compression and compression wear brand.

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 So go ahead and get your gear on and look like a Pro Athlete at the the Gym