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Top 4 Arm Exercises for Strength and Size

Top 4 Arm Exercises for Strength and Size

Are you ready to get serious with your arm training now?


Arms are considered the mirror muscle that bodybuilders and new gym addicts love to train. Arms are highly visible and having massive arms is a quick way to impress your friends and more importantly keep foes away. Train your arms for size and strength is excellent for your safety and also a boost to your self-esteem.


Arms not growing? Despite spending hours in the gym – you can’t seem to grow your arms. That’s a very common situation these days because there is very little training advise provided. Beginners and Regular Gym addicts have to rely on Gym Bro Tips and Flashy social media posts. The problem with social media post is that they are targeted for views and not to pass knowledge.


Major social media posts push workouts that will give a PUMP. A good Pump is excellent but I would recommend starting with workouts that will build a strong foundation and add meat to your body. Below is the list of Top 4 Arm Exercises for Strength and Size.


1.Standing Barbell Bicep Curls [BICEP]

The Barbell Standing Bicep Curl is an effective exercise used in bodybuilding for decades. This exercise hits long head, short head and forearms. It’s a great way to maximize your gains with one movement.



Grab the barbell shoulder width apart and stand straight.

Rest the bar on your upper thigh and keep a slight bend on the knee to avoid putting too much pressure on lower back.

Look straight ahead, Exhale, while contracting your biceps lift the barbell up to your upper chest. As shown in the video.

At the top of the motion hold for 1 second and squeeze your biceps for mind muscle connection.

Slowly bring the barbell back down to start position and hold for a second to avoid momentum or excessive body swinging.

Repeat the movement for 5 – 7 reps for 5 sets.


2.Preacher Curls with EZ Bar [BICEP]

The preacher curls are excellent bicep variation as by resting your arms on preacher bench removes all body movement and put full effort on biceps. Preacher curls offer stronger contraction at light weight and also offers a good stretch at near fully extended position.



Adjust your seat on preacher curl so that your arms are resting on the preacher bench with little gap between your under arm and bench.

Grab the EZ bar with inner grip so your palms are slightly facing each other.

Exhale and lift the bar in an arc towards yourself.

At top of motion hold and squeeze for mind muscle contraction.

Slowly lower the bar back down opening your arm. Do not hyperextend your elbows and keep a slight bend.

Repeat the movement for 5 – 7 reps for 5 sets.


3.Close Grip Bench Press [TRICEPS]

The Close Grip Bench Press is a variation of bench press exercise to target the triceps instead of chest. The setup requires a flat bench press with a barbell.




Lie down on the bench and grip the barbell slightly smaller than shoulder width. Keep your body flat on the bench and feet planted solid on the ground with 90-degree angle.



Exhale and lift the barbell and get into starting position with bar over your eye level.

Once you are ready, then lower the bar down to center of your chest. Lower the bar close to your chest without touching it or bouncing the bar on chest. Hold the position and squeeze for a second to get the mind muscle connection.


Exhale and push the barbell up back to starting position feeling tension on your triceps only.

Repeat the movement for 5 – 7 reps for 5 sets.



4.Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extensions [Triceps]


The Seated Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extensions is a mass builder for all heads of the triceps. You will get maximum result with the variation. The setup requires and seated bench and dumbbell.


Hold the dumbbell with both hands together and place the dumbbell over your head as starting position.


Keep your arms side of your head and slowly bend at your elbow and bring the weight down.


As you start to lower the weight you will feel stretch on in your triceps. Take the dumbbell slightly below 90 degrees. Hold that position and squeeze your muscles for maximum contraction.


Then push the weight back up to starting position.


Repeat the movement for 5 – 7 reps for 5 sets.



Bottom Line

As you can see that the exercises are simple and strong. They do not require the use of machines or complicated attachments. These are considered the foundation to build your arms. Once you have mastered these exercises you are bound to add on real meat on your arms.



I always recommend using gym accessories to add stability in your joints and back to avoid common gym injuries. Consider gym accessories such as gym belt, elbow sleeves and gloves as part of your gym uniform to perform. Stay safe and Train without injuries to avoid loss of time and motivation.


























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