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New Gym Accessories Release by MIGHT&GLORY

New Gym Accessories Release by MIGHT&GLORY

Latest Release Of Weight Lifting Accessories With Camo Print


Are you looking for high quality weight lifting accessories such as wrist wraps , wrist straps , weight lifting belts , knee wraps , and knee sleeves to protect your joints during intensive bodybuilding workouts? 


Save Big On Gym Accessories 

MG Activewear (UAE based bodybuilding clothes and fitness fashion ecommerce)  has launched an in house label MIGHT&GLORY where we listen to our customers demands and offer premium gym wear and weight lifting accessories built with no compromise in quality at amazing prices. 


Our online shoppers have the option to buy passionate gym brands such as Gorilla Wear , Gasp Official , Better Bodies and also Save Big on Essentials Gym Gear by MIGHT&GLORY


New Gym Accessories Release Based on Snow Camo Print

MIGHT&GLORY new release of gym accessories is based on the SNOW CAMO story . As per customer demand for Snow Camouflage Print from our instagram Polls , we created a beautiful Snow Camo Print as seen Below . 


Camo Print


So if you like Snow Camo print , then you must check our line up of Gym Accessories that are now available to shop online in UAE with worldwide shipping. 


Wrist Wraps In Snow Camo Print


Buy Wrist Wraps online


Might&Glory offer premium quality wrist wraps in a set of 2 for weight lifting. Protect your wrist with medium compression wrist wraps with thumb loop. Add style to your lifting gear with the awesome military inspired camo print with added touch of Faux Leather Velcro Straps.

Designed for Weight Lifting Exercises : 

  • Bench Presses

  • Military Presses

  • Shoulder Presses


Material : 

  • 80% Poyester 20% Elastane

  • Faux Leather Velcro Straps

Wrist Straps In Snow Camo Print


buy wrist straps online


MIGHT&GLORY presents a lightweight and strong pair of 2 wrist straps in stylish snow camo print . Look cool while you are lifting heavy weights during deadlifts and other pull based exercises. The Wrist Straps features Rash Protect inner padding to avoid any wrist burns.


Designed for below Weight Lifting Exercises : 

  • Deadlift

  • Lat Pull Downs

  • Pull Ups 

  • Dumbbell Rows 


Material : 

  • 100% Cotton Canvas 

  • Foam Wrist Padding


Knee Wraps 2 mtr In Snow Camo


buy knee wraps for gym


MIGTH&GLORY Designed Knee Wraps after testing the industry best gear in the market. We developed military inspired Camo Print Knee Wraps with Medium Compression Elastic Material . To ensure secure fit Knee Wraps are fitted with high quality velcro straps to keep. So be confident that the knee wraps will stay in place and secure from your first rep to the last.


Designed For Below Exercises : 

  • Squats

  • Lunges

  • Leg machine Presses


Material : 

  • 80% Polyester and 20% Elastic

  • Velcro Straps for Secure Fit


Knee Sleeves In Light Blue Snow Camo


buy knee sleeve for crossfit


Might&Glory offers high quality Knee Sleeves made with industry specification and durable 7 mm neoprene material to reduce injury and enhance performance for avid athletes. Knee Sleeves will help reduce knee joint pain experienced by athletes due to repetive strain during intensive workouts.


Knee Sleeves is designed for :

  • Crossfit Athletes

  • Bodybuilding & Weight Lifting

  • Running 

  • Sports - Basketball , Soccer , VolleyBall


Glute Bands In Snow Camo Print

buy resistance band for glute workout


Migth&Glory presents unisex designed camo print glute bands for glute activation workouts. These versatile and convenient bands can be easily stored in your gym or travel bag . You can get a great leg workout at home or at the gym with glute activation from these glute bands.


The Glute Bands are available in three levels of Resistance

  • Medium Level : Great option for warming up the glutes before leg workout . Great option for beginners.

  • Heavy Option : If you require added resistance to overload your glutes for progress. Great for intermediates.

  • Super Heavy : Designed for Pro Level Training for elite athletes and bodybuilders looking for intense workouts.


Material : 

  • 80% Polyamide 20% Elastic

  • Unisex Camo Print