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Learn foam rolling to strengthen your leg muscles.

Learn foam rolling to strengthen your leg muscles.

This article is about injury prevention and speeding up muscle recovery for legs. Legs are considered to be the toughest body part to train because of the post workout muscle pain. That is why it very important to properly stretch major leg muscles such as Glutes , Hamstring and Calves. Let's check out Proper Foam Rolling Techniques and equipments.


What is Foam Roller ?


A Foam Roller is a cyclindrical hollow equipment with rubber shell on the outside. The Ruber shell has grooves which is pressed and rolled over with your body to massage open the muscles.


How to use the Foam Roller for legs ?


To target the legs , we break it up in three positions.

  • Position 1: Target Calves
  • Position 2: Target Hamstring
  • Position 3 :Target Glutes


As you can see from the video demonstration below . The athlete is counterbalancing himself and placing the target muscle on the foam roller and then rolling forward and backwards. We suggest starting 10 rolls up and down . Newbies will feel pressure but you need to be persistant as with any new stretch the body needs to open up. So keep with it and over time your body will get Stronger and you will be able to do more repetition.





Tip : Ensure you have a high quality roller.


Exercise done with wrong equipment can cause more harm then good. That is why it is wise to search for high quality equipment which has been tried and tested by athletes. Team MG Activewear suggest an innovative brand Aquaflux from Australia. Which offers an innovative Foam Roller in shape of Water Bottle so you can foam roll to Stay Strong and Stay Hydrated as well. The Aquaflux bottle is available in UAE sportswear online shop MG Activewear at warehouse rate.