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How to get started with Lunges

How to get started with Lunges

Workout Guide : How to Perform Lunges 

Exercise : The Lunge


If you’re looking for an exercise that’s simple, time saving and hits all the essential leg muscles,  then lunges are the perfect workout to take your physique to the next level. Walking lunges are great for your core, glutes and thighs.


Lunges are crucial for overall leg development as they hit often ignored muscle parts like the inner and outer thighs. The machines at the gym are quite mechanical and may lead to over-development of specific muscles by way of isolation. And the problem with isolation is that it can lead to muscle imbalances and injuries if not kept under regular check. So adding lunges to your routine ensures overall leg muscle development.


Lunges offer far greater mobility and improve the body’s flexibility with practice. You will also notice a better psychological connection between your mind and muscles because you focus on one leg at a time, which leads to exercise symmetry in the left and the right leg. 

Beginner : Start with Stationary lunges

Exercise Guide for Lunges


Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointed forward or slightly outward. Take a comfortable lunge(step) forward and focus on your balance while your weight is distributed equally on each leg. Then slowly shift your body weight to your front leg and flex your knee to drop down. We recommend you take your time during this motion so you can feel the contraction in the thigh muscles. Then slowly reverse the motion by pushing down on your heel to lift up, you should feel a contraction on your glutes as you rise up. As a beginner, focus on slow repetitions of this exercise . And if you need help then stand next to a wall and keep your hand on the wall for added support and balance. Do not rush the movement because then the pressure will go to your knee and ankle joints.


Routine : 10 - 15 reps each leg for 3 sets .

Body Weight

Alternate days for a month.


Intermediate : Walking Lunges

exercise guide for walking lunges


Once you achieve perfect mind muscle connection and have mastered the lunge move, take it to the next level by adding dynamics of walking. Walking lunges are an extension of stationary lunges with the addition of thrusting yourself forward on lift off and immediately transferring your weight to the other leg as you complete the step. The repetitive shifting of body weight from one leg to the other leg strengthens and develops core stability.


Routing : 15 - 20 steps each leg for 3 sets.

Body Weight

Alternate days for a month.


Advanced : Weight loaded Lunges

exercise guide for weight loaded lunges


If you stick to the program and gotten into the lunge groove, you’ll naturally find yourself wanting to up your game.This is where pro players like you bring out the weights. But before loading the weights, do a check to ensure that your form is upright, motion is smooth and no pressure on your joints. 


All Set! Great --- Let the Gains begin --- Start with an empty bar or a weight bag on your back and do the routine. You should feel a heavier stress on your legs. Just focus on that stress to make sure it’s taken on by the muscles and not the joints. You don't want your reps to go to waste.

Increase the weights as you get stronger! 


Routine : 15 - 20 steps each leg for three sets 

Weight loaded 

2 times per week 

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