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How To Increase Your Stamina ?

How To Increase Your Stamina ?

How To Increase Your Stamina ?

Training , Nutrition and Lifestyle tips to improve your stamina. 

Why you need to increase Stamina

Can you run the length of a football field without losing your breath? If you can't then you need to work on your stamina. What is stamina ? It is your body’s ability to sustain prolonged physical and mental effort. 

Team MGactivewear has researched sport science reports and written this easy to read and follow article to improve your stamina. The article consists of importance of stamina , Training options , Good Techniques , Proper Breathing , Nutrition and simple lifestyle tips. By incorporating these recommendation in your work out routine , we assure you that you will be on your way to running that footbal field in a breeze.

Increasing your stamina is very beneficial for your overall health as it is considered as health conditioning. By working on your stamina you will improve your heart rate, lung capacity, lose excess fat, feel lighter and look better.

1. Stamina Building Training options

Increasing Stamina requires interval based cardio workouts. Here are a few options that you can try and thereby find something that you feel matches your lifestyle. You can take it from there or you can even mix and match the exercise drills. 

Increase your stamina with these training techniques


These are a great option if you have access to a grass field or soft running track. Do not train on hard asphalt or concrete as the shock can cause injury. 

The Drill : 50 meter sprints . The sprint should be strong as possible so that you are going as fast as you can with proper form. Then recover with jog back to the starting point and Sprint Back . You can start with three sprints and over time progress upto five and then seven . 

Technique : 

  1. Keep you chest high and head still.

  2. Keep your upper body ahead of the lower body .

  3. Drive your knees up and forward.

  4. Keep a 90 degree angle in your arms and pump forward.

  5. Land on the balls of your feet and push the ground behind you . 

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Jump rope 

Short of space..? Jump rope is quick and an easy stamina building option that you can perform anywhere. Jump ropes are highly effective as they are challenging but once you get the rhythm you’ll reap fast results. 

The Drill : You will need a stopwatch and a jump rope . Do a drill of 3 minutes jump rope with 90 seconds rest in between for 4 sets. 

Technique : 

  1. Get correct size rope. Step on the rope on center and pull the handles up . They should come up to your upper chest or under arms. 

  2. Hold the ropes at hip heights and only with flicks of your wrist rotate the jump rope around. 

  3. Jump up with your toes, on the ball of your feet and with your knees bent slightly .

  4. Practice makes perfect , you are bound to stumble in the beginning . Keep at it and your body will soon find the perfect bounce rhythm. 

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2. Proper Breathing

Proper breathing technique to recover during the stamina building exercises

Controlled breathing is vital to master if you want to perform and build your stamina. Always remember to breath in fresh oxygen through your nose and exhale out CO2 out your mouth. Maintain a good breathing tempo throughout your work interval and as the pressure increases breathe harder with more force. People have a natural tendency to hold their breath, and that is the biggest mistake as you end up depriving your muscles of fresh oxygen.

On your recovery, make sure you continue to breath strong breath in with nose and exhale out with mouth. This will help you recover faster and back into your next working interval. 

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3. Mental Talk

Be mentally strong to push hard and build your stamina

It is often that your mind gives up before your body. We are built to perform but fall short because of lack of confidence. It up to us to push past this mental barrier and outperform our own expectations. We are our own limit, Push Harder! Talk to yourself and convince yourself that you can do it. As Ronnie Coleman would say “LightWeight Buddy to 800 pound deadlift!”  

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4. Nutrition

Clean up your diet to power up for stamina building training and lose fat.

This is a no brainer, we need to clean up our diets. Don't be fooled by supplement companies or energy drinks. Real stamina comes with real good quality food. We recommend the following:

  1. Stay hydrated - drink 8 - 9 cups of water daily . Try to drink on an empty stomach before meals to avoid overeating. Green Tea is great option as you get your serving of water and benefits of green tea.

  2. Switch to organic cold press juices, avoid sodas and canned juices loaded with sugar. 

  3. Add a portion of salad to your meals. We all know the benefits of leafy vegetables!

  4. Eat dry fruits and nuts for snacks rather than a bag of chips. 

5. Live Clean

Right lifestyle choices are vital for healthy living and building stamina

Building overall health is a lifestyle change. We know what is right for us but normally give into peer pressure. Fortunately, now people realise and respect each other's value as compared to yesteryears. So it is now for you to clean up your act as well. 

  1. We can all read the sign on the cigarette carton “Smoking Kills” . Lets kill this habit.

  2. Avoid drinking alcohol. 

  3. Organize your day by waking up early and going to bed by 10 pm. 

  4. Think and be positive as that will attract positivity. 


We wish you the best of luck in your efforts to build up your stamina. Start your journey as soon as you finish reading this article. Don’t wait, for later usually becomes never, Do it Now! 


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