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Guide To Select Gym Equipments

Increase you Bench , Dead Lift and Squat

With correct Gym Equipments


Are you facing pain in your joints while working out and find it difficult to push through your plateaus? 


Human body is an incredible “machine” which can perform beyond your expectation , all you need is DRIVE and RIGHT SUPPORT. In this article I am going to talk about a few gym equipment I have been using , why and the difference it made in my training. 


Please note that it is always best to consult a certified doctor if you are experiencing serious injury.


1.Wrist Wraps


Wrist Wraps


As with the name , the wrists wraps are heavy duty gym accessories which is securely fastened around your wrists to add extra stability during heavy weight training. As your go through the motions in the gym on a daily basis , it is no wonder that your wrists joints are being burdened for every routine whether its bicep day or chest day. I suffered  joint pain radiating from my elbow to my wrist post few heavy barbells bench presses. The pain was not serious but was irritating and made me lose focus on training. 


Normally , I would belong to the crowd that don't like to use any support and be RAW lifters (not to mention avoid spending money). But due to the pain  I said let's give it a go . Few Sessions in with the wrist wraps I noticed that the pain was reduced in the arm . On Chest days it gave me good support with the bar and heavy dumbbells , as normally I stop the reps due to losing of grip . But with wraps my grip is strong and I am able to focus more on driving the weight up and controlling it down without dumbbell wobbling on the last few reps. 


Tip: I usually do the warm up and few starting sets without the wraps and them add them in for the heavy lifts. Tighten the wraps during the set and loosen them during rest period for blood flow. 


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2.Wrist Straps


Wrist Straps


These are great for if your suffer from bicep taking over on back workout. I face this issue as my bicep burns out or grip starts to fail on back day. Needless to say the you end up not pushing hard or lose valuable reps on heavy shrugs due to grip. 


My back work and traps workout normally last more than an hour and by the second half of work out the grip and biceps are busted. So naturally I tend to go lighter than what I really can do. 


By adding in the wraps , I can take away the pressure from the bicep and forearm and focus on the target muscles for the workout which is the lats and traps. Straps have helped me during the back days and I am sure you will realise the gains from it too. 


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3.Knee Wraps 


Knee Wraps


Clicking in the knees as you workout especially during squats and lunges ? Don’t ignore the sound as it indicates stress and friction in the knee. Constant friction and rubbing of the knee joints leads to tendon degeneration and will cause major pain with knee stiffness. Trust me I found this out the hard way !


Protect your knee joints by activating your glutes , proper form and Knee Wraps for joint protection. Go Beast Mode at the Squat Rack with proper gym equipments. 


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4.Compression Wear


Compression Socks 


Compression gear such as baselayers , tights and socks provide that extra boost that you need for winning your endurance workout like a Pro. Compression wear holds your muscles tight and keeps them activated with the addition of improved blood flow in / out of muscle groups. 


I started using compression socks for all my gym workouts and outdoor cardio sessions. It has helped me a lot as I feel no nagging pain at the base of my heel after a long session . Furthermore , I feel more energised at the end of the workout , as opposed to feeling fatigued. 


I highly recommend compression socks to test out and more up into compression base layers.


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